White Labeling Services

Our formulations. Your own brand.

Feelgenics offers white labeling programs to industry, startups and any size businesses – serving consumer and pharma brands all over the country with any pharmaceutical grade supplement, including but not limited to CBD and Delta 8 products at the potency and quality that’s demanded by today’s consumer market.

The products that we offer range from gummies and capsules to tinctures, topicals, and creams.

What does white labeling mean?

A product that is white labeled is one that is produced by a manufacturer but rebranded for another store or company to sell under their name.  Our approach to white labeling product development is based on the belief that high-quality products can be made available to you and branded as your own.  This means that you rely on our expertise as a manufacturing partner, while saving on the research and development needed for creating a custom product formula.

Why white label?

White labeled products are the easiest way to begin selling your own pharmaceutical grade branded products on your store shelves immediately.  We also provide you with QR codes to attach to your product so that they can have full traceability from seed to sale.  Additionally, our white labeled products are 3rd party tested, boasting proven and effective formulations, and based on products that are shelf stable, ready for immediate distribution, and that we know your customer want and will buy.

White labeling is an excellent option for any business because it offers lower costs of products and superior market gain!

If you have any additional questions about our White Labeling Services or for more information, please email: info@Feelgenics.com